Expert in old Civilisations


This site wants to reflect as faithfully as possible the spirit of the Golconda Gallery: serious in the selection of the objects, eclectic with regard to their cultural origins, good taste and expertise in advising you on the purchase of a work of art. You have online the main part of the pieces exhibited in our Gallery in Saint Paul de Vence. You will find first a geographic index  and then the historic categories that will permit you to browse, we hope, in all clarity.

A detailed specifications sheet and photos come with each one of the pieces. Don’t hesitate to consult the links to museums and institutions or to click on “cultural focus” to read the appended documents. They will provide you with information about the object, the techniques employed, and the way of life and customs at the time or will recommend reading materials.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information. We have pieces not always on-line, and we know highly specialized collectors!

Finally, please note that we vouch for the provenance and the authenticity of each piece that we present. We sell each piece with an invoice, a certificate from our gallery, and often also with certificates from independent experts. Whenever possible, we carry out thermoluminescent testing and carbon-14 dating in order to inform you of the veracity and the quality of your purchase.

We want archaeology to make you happy, beautify your home and let you glimpse that bit of soul that only the beauty of history can convey.

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